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What our players and parents are saying about Elite....

As high school approached, we examined all club lacrosse options in Oregon, and some out of state program, for our daughter Natalie.  We knew that to achieve her goals her primary objective would need to be development as a player.  We sought out a coach and program that would best develop her skills while supporting her passion for the game.  Oregon Elite offered Natalie an opportunity to try out for and be on a team with older players, arguably the best in the state, that shared her commitment to the sport.  We cannot overstate the developmental and recruiting benefit she gained by being part of on Open Division team that allowed her to practice and compete with older, stronger and more experienced players who pushed her to be the best she can be.  As Natalie became a more senior player, Oregon Elite's teammates helped prepare her for collegiate lacrosse. 

Oregon Elite offered Natalie an opportunity to be coached and mentored by Lauren Anderson. Lauren was a standout Division 1 college player and she is the winningest girls high school coach in Oregon. Her experience as a youth, high school and club lacrosse coach have given her a thorough understanding of the game and unique insight into high school lacrosse. During our daughter's recruiting process, it was evident to us that Lauren is well known, credible and highly respected throughout the college lacrosse network. Her mission has always been to develop and showcase Oregon's top talent and, in doing so, raise the level of play in the state of Oregon.  Her qualities as a person, coach and a mentor are rare. Ask any of her players. We are grateful to Lauren and Oregon Elite for providing our daughter with the perfect blend of everything we could have hoped for.  John and Jenny Byrne, West Linn parents, USC '20  (Elite '13, '14, '15) 

Oregon Elite is hands down the best lacrosse experience I have ever had. I was lucky enough to be on the team for two years and in that time I grew more as a player and a teammate than in my previous six years of lacrosse. I came to each practice excited to have fun but also to work hard. Oregon Elite has a perfect balance of hard work and fun mixed into practices and in the expectations for players. Playing on Oregon Elite gave me the skills and the confidence to reach out to college coaches and eventually to play at the collegiate level. Trying out for Oregon Elite was one of the best decisions I have made involving lacrosse and the team pushed me to be a better player each day. Katie O'Connor Occidental '19, Westminster School ‘15  (Elite '13 and '14)

It was the end of my sophmore year when I decided I wanted to try and play at the collegiate level, that gave me one year to try and showcase myself.   My high school coach urged me to tryout for Oregon Elite, I was very apprehensive, afraid I did not have the skill level.  I was so happy I made it onto the 2011 Oregon Elite team.  Coach Lauren Anderson, Patty Beghtel (Lauren's right hand assistant) and the team taught me a whole new level of play.  I have gained not only skill but confidence as a player. When the team was on the field we worked hard but off the field connecting and bonding with my team mates came easily. Because of the exposer with Oregon Elite I have had many opportunities to play college lacrosse from the east coast to the west coast.  I have signed with Fort Lewis College in Durango CO and will begin playing as a Skyhawk in 2013. FLC was one of many colleges attending the Vail Shootout.  Carly Smoke – Beaverton ‘12 (Elite 2011)


Best opportunity in lacrosse that ever happened to my daughter. The skills, level of play, comradarie with players outside of her school and high-level coaching she received were highlights. The coaching by Lauren and the organization by Patty... and the fun everyone had.... are reasons I chaperoned two trips. Truly a highlight of my daughter's lacrosse career and one of the most fun "lacrosse mom" experiences. THANKS!  -Susie Fisher (parent)


Without Oregon Elite I would not have had the opportunity to be at the program I am today. I learned not only the skills but also the work ethic required to play at the D1 level. Oregon Elite connected me to teams that I would not otherwise had the opportunity to be recruited by and I will be forever grateful.  -Sally Roberts, William & Mary '12, St Mary's '08 (Elite '06 and '07)

The opportunity to play for Oregon Elite was, and still is the highlight of my Lacrosse career. It opened up so many doors for me and helped me grow not only as a player, but as a person as well. Being able to play with the top picks throughout the state made me an extremely better player, and gave me a skills that I know I would not have gained if it wasn't for elite. Being on the team helped me meet people and create amazing friendships, and the trips we took were so much fun that it made playing lacrosse even more fun. Being coached by Lauren was something that is irreplaceable, and I am so thankful for the set of skills she taught me about playing, and the example she set for coaching as well.  - Kelsey McCarty, West Linn '07 (Elite '06),  Boise State.


Best lacrosse experiences and lifetime memories with teammates/coaches that you would never forget for many years to come - I was part of the beginning of Elite organzation in 2002, then Lauren came on to Elite in 2003. That's when Vail trip started - it was so worth to travel outstates to experiencne other team's style and strategies since it was SO different from Norhtwest in some ways. Elite prepared the path for me to made into University of Oregon's NCAA lacrosse team in 2004. Plus, I was the only Deaf player on the team - Elite just embraced my Deafness and recognized my raw talents as a real lacrosse player at the heart. - Ashley Beghtel, Southridge '03  (Eilte '03)


Being part of Oregon Elite has been a great experience. The best part of being on the team is being able to meet other talented and driven players from around the state and to be coached by Lauren and others who are experienced and really understand the game. The team is always a lot of fun, and it's great being able to travel and see the competition outside of Oregon. I think that my experience on Elite has made me a better player (especially being a goalie), and has influenced me to pursue playing in college.  - Kirsten Hee, St Mary's Academy '12 (Elite '10 and '11)


Oregon Elite has been a huge part of my high school lacrosse and has really helped me get to the next level. Oregon Elite is always looking to prove at tournaments that oregon has good competition and can play with the best. The coaching staff makes sure we are at that level so we can succeed. - Paige Timberg, Coastal Carolina '15, Lake Oswego '12 (Elite '10 and '11)


Oregon Elite provided me with not only amazing teammates and coaches to improve my game, but awesome traveling experiences as well. I enjoyed learning from both my peers and opponents that ranged from the west coast to the east coast. Being a member on this team helped me become both a stronger and more recognizable player that will now always look forward to playing lacrosse whenever given the chance.  - Amy Schlenger, Lake Oswego '10 (Elite '07, 08, 09)


One of our players had the great opportunity to play with the '12 Elite Team and, as one of her varsity coaches, I see a very confident and improved player this spring. Her defensive play is excellent, and her confidence with the ball and her off ball play as well are much improved. She moves faster, she thinks faster, she acts faster.The chance to practice with superior skilled teammates and compete at a high level has reaped rewards. She knew no one on the team but said that the girls were very welcoming. Practices were fun and challenging and the coaching was excellent. The chance to be seen by college coaches at the tournaments was invaluable, not to mention Coach Lauren's knowledge of the college lacrosse community and  opportunities.The commitment is not to be taken lightly, especially for one who must travel hours to the practices. But if players and parents are committed, it is so worth it. Thanks to all Elite for making her experience so great. Hilary Gilmore  (Bend United coach)


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